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I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Exeter. I work on behavioural economics and market design using a mix of theory and experiments.

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“Increasing Employment Through the Partial Release of Information” with Surajeet Chakravarty and Todd Kaplan, Working paper, May 2020
“The exposure problem and market design” with Jacob Goeree, The Review of Economic Studies, vol. 87, October 2020, 2230–2255
“Adaptive loss aversion and market experience”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 168, December 2019, 43-61
“Shapley value based pricing for auctions and exchanges”, Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 108, March 2018, 170-181
“Consumption experience, choice experience and the endowment effect” with Steve Humphrey and Chris Starmer, Journal of the Economic Science Association, vol. 3, December 2017, 109-120
“Market design and the stability of general equilibrium” with Jacob Goeree, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 165, September 2016, 37–68
“The arguments of utility: preference reversals in expected utility of income models” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 46, April 2013, 175-189
“Correlated individual differences and choice prediction” Games, vol. 2, February 2011, 16-20


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